Baby Boom

Baby Boom

Baby Boom J. C. Wiatt is a driven Manhattan management consultant (nicknamed the “Tiger Lady”) dedicated to her demanding and high-profile job. Steven Buchner is her boyfriend and an investment banker. They both are happily focused on their careers and have no interest in having children. J.C. was shocked to learn that Elizabeth is a baby abandoned by a distant cousin is her “inheritance”.

Not wanting to disrupt her busy life, and completely unaware of the child’s care, J.C. arranges to offer the child for adoption, but she grows close to Elizabeth and is forced by J.C. to re-evaluate her priorities. She decides to become a full-time parent and also raise Elizabeth herself, something Steven does not want to partake in. He moves out after their uneasy separation. Fritz Curtis, J.C.’s boss offers J.C. the chance to join his business as a partner. J.C. is given the opportunity to manage The Food Chain’s account by Hughes Larrabee, CEO. After adjusting to life in Elizabeth, J.C. lands the account, and her aide Ken Arrenberg is assigned to her team.

J.C. struggles to balance work and family life. She hires several nannies and also enrolls Elizabeth into classes for children. Elizabeth soon finds that parenting takes up a large portion of her time. J.C. informs Fritz that Ken has been making decisions with out her involvement. Surprised, Fritz informs her for the benefit of the business, Ken will be in charge of the account, and J.C. will be reassigned to a client with a less prominent profile, allowing her to spend more time with Elizabeth. After putting off her promotion, Fritz explains that he too was forced to choose between his work as well as his family.

J.C. departs and is moved in with Elizabeth to a home located in Vermont. The house is purchased without visiting it or having it examined after which she discovers it is plagued by problems (failing plumbing and heating and water supply, as well as a roofing issues). She’s overwhelmed by the loneliness and the increasing costs of the new home, as well as a lack of patience and money. She’s on the brink of financial ruin, and is experiencing anxiety-related breakdowns when she is introduced to Dr. Jeff Cooper, a local veterinarian. Initially, she is irritated with him and his petty snark, she becomes averse to Jeff’s advances and is focused on getting back to New York as fast as is possible. It’s nearly impossible to find an interested buyer for the home. She is able to sell “gourmet” baby food applesauce she concocted for Elizabeth with fresh ingredients. After an uneasy start, it becomes a full-time business known as “Country Baby”. J.C. and Jeff fall in love while her business grows , and customers come from across the nation.

Fritz later makes contact with J.C. to suggest Country Baby to The Food Chain. She then goes back to her former firm to meet Larrabee as well as her former colleagues and discuss the matter with her. They provide her with a lucrative salary, an Manhattan apartment, as well as other advantages in exchange for signing a multi-million-dollar agreement to acquire her business and then distribute its products across the nation. J.C. was ready to take Fritz’s offer, and she is confident that she will be able to return to her former impressive and distinguished career in New York. J.C. believes she can develop her business without having to sacrifice her relationships with Jeff and Elizabeth. She returns home to Jeff and Elizabeth in Vermont, content with her new position as an active mother as well as a girlfriend and CEO of her own growing business. Baby Boom HD