Assassin’s Creed

Assassin’s Creed อัสแซสซินส์ ครีด 2016

Assassin’s Creed In 1492 Andalusia{, during| in 1492, during| was a part of} the Granada War, Aguilar de Nerha is {accepted into the|accepted into|enrolled into the} Assassin Brotherhood and assigned to {protect|defend|guard} Prince Ahmed de Granada from the Templar Order.|Aguilar de Naerha{,| Aguilar de Naerha,| Aguilar de Naerha, who was} {a|an|Aguilar de Naerha, a} 1492 Andalusia native{, is| was| who was} {admitted to|accepted into} the Assassin Brotherhood. He is {assigned to defend|designated to defend|given the task of defending} Prince Ahmed de Granada against the Templar Order.} {In 1986, {adolescent|the adolescent} Callum “Cal” Lynch finds his mother {killed|murdered|was murdered} by his father{,|} Joseph{, a modern-day| who is a contemporary} Assassin.|Callum “Cal”{,| is| Cal,} an adolescent{, finds|, discovers| who has} his mother {murdered|killed} by Joseph{, a modern-day| who is a modern-day|, a contemporary} Assassin.} {{Gunmen|Armed men|The gunmen,} {led by|headed by|under the direction of} Alan Rikkin, CEO of the Templars’ Abstergo Foundation, arrive to {capture|arrest} Joseph{, who persuades| and convince| who convinces} his son to {escape|flee}.|Alan Rikkin (CEO of the Templars{|The Templars’|the} Abstergo Foundation), leads {gunmen to capture|the gunmen in capturing|policemen to take} Joseph. He {persuades|convinces} {him to flee|the man to escape|Joseph to leave}.}

{In {2016|the year 2016}, Cal is sentenced to death for {murdering|the murder of|killing} {a|an|the body of a} pimp{, but| however,| However,} Abstergo fakes {his execution and takes|his execution and brings|the execution and then takes} {him|the victim|Cal} to their research {facility|center} {in|located in} Madrid.|Cal is {sentenced in 2016 to death|found guilty in 2016|executed in the year 2016} for {killing|murdering|the murder of} {a|an|the body of a} pimp. {But|However,} Abstergo {fakes the execution|pretends to be the executioner} and {takes|brings|then takes} Cal {to their research facility|to their research center in|to their research facility in} Madrid.} {{He is told the|Cal is informed that the|He is told that the} Templars are {searching for|looking for|in search of} {an|the} Apple of Eden{, one of many| which is one of the many| as one of the} {artifacts built by a long-lost|artifacts crafted by a lost|objects made by a long-gone} civilization,{ in order|| with the intention} to {eliminate violence by using|end violence through|stop violence using} the Apple’s {code to control|code to regulate|algorithm to control} {humanity’s|mankind’s} free will.|Cal is {told|informed} by the Templars that they are {looking|searching} for the Apple of Eden. {This artifact was created|The Apple was created|This object was made} by a {long-lost civilization to|lost civilization in order to|long-lost civilization in order to} {end violence and use|stop violence and utilize|end war and to use} the {code|codes} of the Apple to {control|regulate} the free will of {humanity|the human race|mankind}.} {Sofia{, Alan’s daughter and| Alan’s daughter, who is also| Alan’s daughter and} the head {scientist, reveals|scientist, discloses|of the science team, has revealed} that Cal is a descendant of Aguilar{,| who was|} the {last person confirmed|only person to be confirmed|last person who was confirmed} to {be in possession of|possess|have possession of} the Apple.|Sofia{, Alan’s child and| Alan’s daughter and| Alan’s child, who is also Alan’s} head scientist, {tells|informs} {him|her} that Cal is a descendant {from|of} Aguilar who was the {last|first} person to {have|possess} the Apple.} {{She puts|She places|Sofia puts} Cal {in|inside|into} the Animus{, a machine which| the machine that| device, which} {allows him to relive|lets him relive|allows him to go back in time} (and {the scientists to observe|scientists to study|the scientists to look into}) Aguilar’s genetic memories{, so| in order| to ensure} {that Abstergo can learn|Abstergo is able to learn about|that Abstergo will be able to discover} the {Apple’s whereabouts|location of the Apple}.|Cal is {placed in|put in|put into} the Animus by Sofia, a {machine that|device that|machine which} {allows him to relive|lets him relive|lets him experience} (and scientists to {observe|study|examine}{Aguilar’s|Aguilar’s} genetic memory {so Abstergo can find|to help Abstergo locate|in order to locate} the {Apple’s location|location of the Apple}.}

{In 1492, Aguilar and his partner, Maria, are deployed to {rescue|save|help rescue} Ahmed{, who has been| who was| who has been} {kidnapped by the|abducted by|taken captive by} Templar Grand Master Tomas de Torquemada{, to coerce| and attempt to force| in order to persuade} Ahmed’s father{,|} Sultan Muhammad {XII|IX}{, to surrender| to give up| to release} the Apple.|Aguilar and Maria are sent to {rescue|save|help} Ahmed in {1492|1492}. They {have been|were|are} {kidnapped from him by the|taken from him by|abducted from Ahmed by the} Templar Grand Masters Tomas de Torquemada to {force his father,|pressure his father,|force his father} Sultan Muhammad {XII|XII,|IX,} to {give up|surrender|forfeit} the Apple.} {Aguilar and Maria {intercept|are able to stop|take on} the Templars{, but are overpowered| however they are beaten| but they are defeated} and {captured|seized|taken captive} by Torquemada’s enforcer{,|} Ojeda.|Maria and Aguilar {intercept|are able to stop|take on} the Templars but {are|they are} defeated and {captured|taken captive} by Ojeda{, Torquemada’s enforcer| Torquemada, the enforcer of the Torquemada clan| Torquemada’s enforcer}.} {Cal is {quickly pulled|quickly dragged|swiftly dragged} {out of|from} the Animus by Sofia.|Cal is quickly {rescued|freed|released} from the Animus by Sofia.}

{Cal {encounters|meets|is able to meet} {other|others|with other} Assassin descendants {held captive|who are held|imprisoned} {at the facility, most|in the facility, many|at the prison, the majority} of {whom are suspicious|them are skeptical} of his motives{, with the|, with|. There are} {exceptions|exception} of Lin{, a descendant of| who is a descendant of| who is a descendant from} {16th-century|16th century} Chinese Assassin Shao Jun{; and| and| as well as} Moussa{, a descendant of| is a descendant of| who is a descendant from} {18th-century|the 18th century} Haitian Assassin Baptiste.|Cal {meets|is able to meet|encounters} {other|Cal meets with other|others} Assassin descendants {kept captive at|held in|who are held at} the {facility|prison}{Most of them|The majority of them|They} are {suspicious of|skeptical of|skeptical about} {his motives|the motives of Cal}. Lin, a descendant 16th-century Chinese Assassin Shao Jun{,|} {and|as well as} Moussa (a descendant {18th-century|of the 18th century} Haitian Assassin Bible){, are the| are two| are the only} {exceptions|notable exceptions|instances that stand out}.} {Cal {begins experiencing hallucinations,|starts experiencing hallucinations,|experiences hallucinations that are} {dubbed|known as|called} “the Bleeding Effect”, of both Aguilar and Joseph.|Cal {experiences hallucinations that|is afflicted with hallucinations, which|has hallucinations which} are {referred to|known|often referred to} as the “Bleeding Effect” of Joseph and Aguilar.} {Cal and Sofia {build a rapport|develop a bond|establish a friendship} {during their sessions|in their meetings|during their time together}{; she confides| and Sofia reveals| as she reveals} that her mother was{ likewise|} {murdered|killed} by an Assassin{, sharing his hatred| who was also a fanatic| and shares his hatred} of the Brotherhood .|Cal and Sofia {form a close bond|develop a strong bond|become close friends} {during their sessions|in their time together|throughout their sessions}{She confides in|Sofia confides to|Sofia confides in} her mother that she {was also|was|too was} {murdered|killed} by an Assassin.}

{{Back in|In|Then, back in} the Animus, Aguilar and Maria are {scheduled for execution at|set to be executed at|scheduled to be executed in} {an|the} auto da fe {but he manages to|however, he is able to|however, he is able} {free them, leading|escape, leading|liberate them, which leads} to a {rooftop chase|chase on the rooftop|pursuit on the rooftops} {in which they escape through|that leads to|where they escape via} {a|the|an} “Leap of Faith”.|Maria, Aguilar, and Animus are {due|scheduled|set} to be executed {at|in|on} {an|the} {auto fe|auto-fe}{But he manages|However, he is able to|However, he is able} {free|escape|to free} {them|the three|Aguilar, Maria, and Animus from execution}{This leads to|This causes|The result is} {a rooftop chase that ends|an on-the-ground chase that culminates|an escape from the rooftop that ends} {in|with} {a|the|an} {Jump of Faith|leap of faith|jump of faith}.} {Cal’s {mind reacts violently to|brain reacts violently to|mind is agitated by} the {session and he is|event and he becomes|incident and he’s} temporarily {paralyzed|in a state of paralysis|completely paralyzed}.|Cal’s brain {reacts violently after|is violently agitated after|responds violently following} the {session|event|incident}{, and he is| and he becomes| and he’s} temporarily paralyzed.} {When Cal {learns|discovers|finds out} that Joseph is also {at|in} the facility{, he confronts him over| He confronts him about| and confronts him, he comes to the conclusion that he is responsible for} {his mother’s death|the death of his mother|his mother’s demise}.|Cal {discovers|finds out that|realizes that} Joseph is {at|in} the {facility as well|facility too|same facility} and confronts Joseph {about his mother’s suicide|regarding his mother’s suicide|about the suicide of his mother}.} {Joseph {informs|tells} Cal that the Bleeding Effect {will allow|can allow|will enable} him to {gain Aguilar’s skills|acquire the Aguilar’s abilities|learn the skills of Aguilar}.|Cal is {informed|told} by Joseph that the Bleeding Effect will {enable|allow} him to {learn Aguilar’s techniques|master the techniques of Aguilar|study Aguilar’s methods}.} {He also {reveals that Cal’s|informs Cal that his|tells Cal that Cal’s} mother was an Assassin{, and she| who| and} {chose to die by|decided to die at|was willing to die by} Joseph’s {hand rather than be|hands rather than being|wrath rather than being} {forced|taken|to be dragged} {into|to enter} the Animus.|He also {reveals to|informs|tells} Cal that {Cal’s|his} mother is an Assassin and {she would rather|would prefer to} {die under Joseph’s control|be killed by Joseph’s power|suffer under Joseph’s control rather} {than be forced into joining|instead of being forced to join|instead of being forced into joining} the Animus.} {{Unconvinced|Incredulous|Not convinced}, Cal vows to destroy the Assassins by {finding|locating|uncovering} the Apple.|Cal{, who is not| however, not| isn’t} {convinced|sure}, vows to {find|locate|track down} the Apple and {destroy|eliminate|take down} the Assassins.} {{Meanwhile|In the meantime}, Alan is pressured by {a|an} Templar Elder, Ellen Kaye, to {shut down|stop|close down} the multibillion-dollar Animus Project because they have already “won … {people|that people} {no longer care|don’t care anymore|do not care} about their {civil liberties|rights|liberties} … they’re {content|happy|just content} to follow”{, leading| which leads| and this leads} Sofia to {question|doubt} her father’s {true intentions|motives|intentions}.|{Meanwhile|In the meantime|While this is happening}, Alan is forced by Ellen Kaye, a Templar Elder{ to close down|, to shut down|, to end} the {multibillion dollar|multibillion-dollar} Animus Project. This is because {they have already|they’ve already|they’ve} “won… {people|that people} {don’t|do not} {care about|take seriously|think about} their civil liberties…they’re {content|happy|satisfied} to {follow|be followed}“. Sofia begins to {question her father’s intentions|doubt her father’s motives|be skeptical about her father’s motives}.}

{{Reaffirmed|Asserted|Confirmed} {by his encounter|through his meeting} {with|in the presence of} Joseph, Cal willingly enters the Animus.|Cal{, reaffirmed by| who, as affirmed by| is reaffirmed after} his {encounters|interactions} with Joseph{, willingly enters The| and Joseph, is willingly a part of The| Cal, who is reaffirmed by his encounters with Joseph} Animus.} {Aguilar and Maria {ambush a meeting|are able to snatch a gathering|set off an ambush on a meeting} between Muhammad and Torquemada{; they| and| who} {kill Torquemada’s men and recover|take out Torquemada’s men, and then retrieve|destroy Torquemada’s soldiers and retrieve} the Apple{, but| however,| however} Ojeda {captures|is able to capture|takes} Maria.|Maria and Aguilar {ambush|are able to ambush|attack} {a|the|an} Torquemada and Muhammad {meeting; they|gathering; they|meeting. They} {kill Torquemada’s men and retrieve|take out the Torquemada’s men and recover|destroy the men of Torquemada and then retrieve} the Apple. {However|But}, Ojeda captures Maria.} {{She chooses to die|Maria decides to commit suicide|She decides to die} {to protect|to save|in order to protect} the Apple and {stabs herself on|then stabs herself with|then cuts herself on} Ojeda’s {blade, allowing|knife, allowing|blade. This allows} Aguilar to {kill|take out|defeat} Ojeda and escape {through another|via a second|by a} Leap{; the force of| and the force| which is the force} {which|that} {causes|triggers|results in} the Animus to {violently malfunction|malfunction violently}.|To {protect|defend|safeguard} the Apple{, she chooses| Maria decides| she decides} to {commit suicide and|take her own life and then|commit suicide , and she} {stabs herself into|stabbing herself with|is stabbed by} Ojeda’s knife. Ojeda escapes through another Leap and {kills|is killed by} Ojeda. The force {of|generated by} the Leap {causes|triggers|results in} the Animus {violently to malfunction|to fail violently|to explode violently}.} {Aguilar {later gives|then gives|is later able to give} the Apple to Christopher Columbus, who {vows|promises|pledges} to {take|carry} it to {his|the} {grave|tomb}.|{Later, Aguilar gives|Then, Aguilar presents|Later, Aguilar hands over} the Apple to Christopher Columbus who {vows that he will take|promises to take|declares that he will carry} {it to his|the apple to the|it to the} grave.} {{When|If} Moussa and the {modern|contemporary|current} Assassin prisoners {start|begin|break up} {a riot in order|an armed riot|protests} to {escape|flee|get out}, Alan orders the facility {purged|to be sanitized|to be cleansed}.|Alan {orders the evacuation of|decides to evacuate|is the one who orders the evacuation of} the {facility after|prison after|prison following} Moussa and {modern|the modern|other modern} Assassin prisoners {set off|start|ignite} {a riot to escape|an armed riot in order to flee|the riot to escape}.} {{Abstergo security kills|Security guards from Abstergo kill} Joseph {and most of the|as well as the majority of|and the majority of} other prisoners.|Joseph {and|as well as} the {rest of the|other} prisoners are {killed|shot dead} by {Abstergo|the Abstergo} security.} {Cal {stands|is|sits} in the Animus chamber and is {met|greeted|confronted} {with projections of his ancestors|by projections of his ancestors|with projections of his family members}{, including| which include| as well as} Aguilar, Arno Dorian, Joseph and his mother, {while|as} Sofia {glimpses|sees|is able to see} the {projection|projected image} of an Assassin {resembling|who resembles|that resembles} her.|Cal {is shown|sees} projections of his {ancestors as|ancestors while|ancestral relatives as} {he stands|standing|Cal is seated} in the Animus Chamber. Sofia sees a projection of an Assassin {who looks like|who resembles|that resembles} her.} {{Persuaded by his mother|Convinced by his mother|Attracted by his mother’s influence}, Cal embraces his Assassin {heritage and, having fully|roots and, having|tradition and, having} {assimilated Aguilar’s abilities|acquired the abilities of Aguilar|taken on the skills of Aguilar}{,| and abilities,| He} {joins|is joined by|and joins} Moussa and Lin in {escaping|fleeing|leaving} the facility.|Cal is {persuaded to embrace|convinced to accept|convinced to embrace} his Assassin {heritage|family|roots} by his mother{ and|, and|. He} {joins|is joined by|will join} Moussa, Lin and Lin in {escaping from|fleeing from|escaping} the {facility|prison}.}

{{Having retrieved|After removing|After having retrieved} the Apple from Columbus{‘ burial vault| the burial vault of Columbus|‘ burial chamber}{, the| The| After securing the Apple from Columbus’ burial vault, the} Templars {convene at a ceremony|gather for a celebration|hold a ceremony} {in|inside} their London sanctuary to celebrate their {triumph|victory}.|After {reclaiming|taking back|recovering} the Apple from Columbus{‘ grave vault| the grave vault of his father| The grave of Columbus}{, the| The| After reclaiming the Apple from Columbus’ grave, the} Templars {gather|meet|are gathered} in London to celebrate their {victory|triumph}.} {{Inside|In} the sanctuary, {a disillusioned|an angry|disillusioned} Sofia {meets with|is greeted by|talks to} Cal{, who has come| who is there| who is here} to {take|retrieve|steal} the Apple{,|} and she reluctantly {allows|permits|lets} {him to act|Cal to take the Apple|Cal to do so}.|Cal arrives{ at the sanctuary|} to {rescue|retrieve|save} the Apple from the {graveyard of Columbus|Columbus graveyard|Columbus’ graveyard}. Sofia, disillusioned, {meets|is greeted by|confronts} Cal and {reluctantly agrees|is reluctantly willing} to {let him take|let him have|allow him to take} {it|the Apple|the apple}.} {Cal {retrieves|returns|takes} the Apple{, killing| and kills} Alan {in the process|during the process|while doing so}.|Cal returns the Apple to him, and{ he| then he|} {kills|killed|is killed by} Alan.} {As Sofia vows {revenge|to take revenge}{, the Assassins depart| The Assassins leave| the Assassins flee}{, swearing to once again| vowing to| and swear to} {protect|defend|ensure} the Apple from the Templars.|As Sofia {vows revenge|promises revenge|vows to take revenge} {on|against} Cal, the Assassins {leave|depart|flee}{, swearing to once more| vowing to| and swear to} {protect|defend|ensure} the Apple from {The|the} Templars